Return to Reality

Vacation ended with an abrupt snap. For eight days, I had the luxury of ignoring emails that started with, “I know you’re on vacation but. . .” or “When you return from vacation, please. . .” I could not put it off no longer. So on Sunday evening, I looked very briefly and started to panic. Then I put my phone down and joined my husband in plotting the second book in the Antique Hunters Mystery. My day work could wait. It didn’t appear that anything had blown up.

The dog was overjoyed to see us, and the kittens were happy, too. While I shared their happiness in being reunited, I was not ready to let go of my vacation mindset. Unfortunately I have blown through all my vacation days at my new job. I switched employers in October and while I don’t resent the decision I do miss having three weeks vacation. Going back to two weeks was a challenge for me as I do enjoy my time off. I wish the United States would be like other civilized countries who give their employees additional vacation time.

On Monday I started early and waded through the emails. While I had several hundred, there were only about a dozen that required my attention. I responded to those and then checked in with my staff. Those items consumed most of my day. I was feeling ok until I realized I had missed my post date for the Cozy Cat Chronicles blog. I rapidly crafted that and posted it by five, but that meant I neglected my personal blog.

So here it is Tuesday, and I am finally updating this. Thoughts of my vacation and images of the Smoky Mountains dance in my head as I write. I am reliving my vacation as it is fresh in my mind. I’d like to ask you where was your favorite vacation spot? Or, if you don’t have one, how do you unwind?


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