The Takeaways

It has been almost a week since we arrived back in Chicago. I was hoping for a gradual easing into my regular life. Unfortunately that was not the reality. I could no longer head off those emails that started with, “I know you’re on vacation but. . .” Or, ignore the fact that our editorial board meeting for the journal I work with is less than 2 weeks ago. I have many reports to prepare. . .

But first my blog post. One of the terms that always come up at our meetings at work is “what are the takeaways from this meeting?” I’m going to share the takeaways from my almost 10-day vacation. This was the first real vacation my husband and I took in almost six years. I also have to say some of these are not really new or unique but I appreciate them in a different light following my/our trip.

1. It’s ok to unplug. Ignore the emails. Work will be there when you get back. This was most important for me. I usually have my phone at my side and am connected constantly. Ok, maybe I did sneak in a peek or two with my iPad.


2. Go with the flow. My day is usually full of appointments, errands and commitments. Between my full-time job and writing my cozy mystery and working out, I never have time to do nothing. I am always moving forward to the next item on my list. On this vacation I decided to relax and just go with whatever happened. If I hadn’t Brian would never have played this awesome guitar and I would never have got these rocking boots.IMG_0708FullSizeRender

3. Stop and enjoy the music. I like some country music but not the real twangy country music so I never expected to enjoy the show at the Grand Ole Opry as much as I did. The show was great. I have now become a fan of Holly Williams and Thompson Square.


4. Start planning the next one. When we were less than 40 minutes from home, my husband and I felt that dread and started pondering where we should go next? I am going to spend the next six months planning our next trip.


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