Are you your characters?

At what point, do you realize that you are your characters or that your characters are becoming you? After my lunchtime shopping expedition shopping expedition today, I discovered that I have much more in common with Anne from my new cozy mystery, Murder by the Spoonful, than I originally thought.

Like Anne I cannot resist a sale. Luckily for the economy, my inbox is overflowing with emails from retailers advertising bargains, specials and deals. I am loth to delete any of them because you never know when you might need them. At last glance, there were over 200 of these unopened epistles.

My interests can range from a pair of Corral bluebird cowboy boots (thanks, Country Outfitter) to a Royal Worcester Lakme salad plate (courtesy of eBay). And, don’t forget the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, the Last Call flash sale, Amazon Prime Day and so many more. You might not what you need until you see in that pesky little email.

Unfortunately for my husband and my wallet, my new work office is conveniently located by the Saks Outlet, Bloomingdale’s Outlet, Nordstrom Rack and of course, Woodfield Mall. So much temptation within a five minute drive. I like to get out of the office at lunch and visit these locales.

Today as I spent my lunch hour calculating how much would be left in my checkbook after splurging at the Saks Outlet Buy One, Get One clearance, I realized that Anne might be based on me. I cannot resist a sale. I can only calculate equations when there is a dollar sign in front of it and it involves a purchase.

I am not going to disclose here if I bought anything but will say this addiction will play a part in the next Antique Hunters Mystery.


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