The Bloom has Worn Off

It’s been almost three weeks since we returned from our vacation/research trip for the second Antique Hunters Mystery. And, reality has definitely set in. Work has returned with a vengeance. My day job requires me to be very focused and detail oriented. It also keeps me extremely busy.

I am managing editor of a peer-reviewed medical journal. Our executive editors meeting was yesterday, and I had several presentations to prepare as well as monitor the room. All went seemingly well. Everyone seemed pleased but at the end it only turned into more work for me. On this morning’s call with my Editor in Chief, my one page action list turned into four pages.

At the same time, work has been increasing, we have completed the first rough draft of the second Antique Hunters book. On Sunday night, we sat down and polished the first chapter from its raw state. It is interesting to watch the progression between versions. The story starts one way and then drastically changes as we work backwards from the end.

My weekend was spent on my presentations, working on work and then, of course, because I can never say no a freelance proofreading project. I did, however, take a little time Sunday afternoon for fun. We stumbled upon an estate/garage sale full of Russian collectibles. I was intrigued. I thought about buying several Russian lacquer boxes but where do you store/display them. I have limited space for display and two playful kittens.

While there, I spotted a piece I couldn’t resist. For the past few years, I have seen Chinese jewelry boxes. These intricate boxes have three to four lined drawers for jewelry. This particular one is hand painted with birds and cherry blossoms. I also bought several pairs of earrings, including Russian amber dangles. IMG_0791

This provided a welcome break from my busy work weekend. Now that my work meeting is over, hopefully we can focus on the book and complete a second draft that actually makes sense and doesn’t contain a typo in every  other word.


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