It’s a dog’s life

My dog is not a cat dog. I don’t mean that he’s the lead in the Nickelodeon cartoon series, I mean that he doesn’t appreciate or like cats. Much to his disgust, we brought home two kittens in March. He alternates between ignoring them and chasing them into corners.

Bandit ignores Pixel.

As a herding dog, his natural instinct is to keep them in place. Unfortunately, the kittens don’t agree. They also try to tempt fate by walking past him or sneaking up on him while he is sleeping. This tendency results in a great deal of running around the house.

I was not planning on getting two kittens to torture  him with. But we found when talking to the shelters, many of them would not adopt out just one single kitten. Their argument was its better for the kitten’s socialization to have a sibling. We ended up with two: Terra, a gray female tabby, and Pixel, an orange tabby.


In hindsight, I am glad we adopted two. They entertain each other. At night, we can hear them run up and down the stairs. They wrestle and they sleep together curled up on the bed we bought when they were four months old. They are each other’s best friend. When Terra was locked in a room earlier this month, Pixel came and got me. When she was let out, he gave her a big hug with his two front paws. It was very sweet. If only, Bandit felt that way.

I keep hoping as time goes by that Bandit will adjust to the newcomers. Maybe even become friends, but it doesn’t seem as if it will happen. When he is not ignoring them, he chases them across the room. They have adjusted. They look around for him before entering a room and tiptoe by him in a very catlike way.

I, however, have enjoyed watching them. And Pixel shares my love of boots.



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