A Blank Slate

If it’s a blank page on the screen, do people still refer to it as a blank slate? With ideas swirling around my head, I very rarely suffer from writer’s block. Except, of course, when I’m staring at this blank page today. What to say today?

Work has been crazy but no one cares about that. The second draft of the next Antique Hunters Mystery is going well. We are on page 100 of revising it, and once again, I find myself enjoying the characters. Creating them has been a great deal of fun. I hope others find them as entertaining as I do.

I am also bouncing around an idea of a second cozy mystery series following the daily life of a medical journal editor. Is that art imitating life? It could serve as a way for me to erase my frustrations especially after particularly demanding days.

And, it might prove the needed relief I need from shopping. This weekend, I traveled to Geneva with the real Anne and CC, the inspiration behind the Antique Hunters Mystery series. We visited Antiques on State, recalling one of my very first adventures with them years ago. It was here that I bought one of my favorite pieces of vintage jewelry, a Hematite pendant set in silver with a scrolling leaf encircling it. I have worn that piece countless times and went back to buy the matching earrings.

We had fun browsing through the aisles of antiques and collectibles. We chatted with the dealers, and they allowed me to leave some bookmarks behind. It was fun to linger and admire a Tiffany ink well along with various paintings. I am out of room in my house for new antiques so I limit my interaction to looking. But it is fun to look!

Interesting, that I started this blog with a comment about writer’s block yet I still found things to write about.


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