Lazy but Productive Saturday

Is that an oxymoron–being lazy and productive at the same time? On one hand, I was not that lazy. I started the day by taking my 13-year-old Australian shepherd for a 2 mile walk. He gets overheated and doesn’t tolerate humidity well so we have had to cut our walks short.

Then I put laundry away. The laundry that has been piled up for the past few weeks in a basket. I had run out of hangers. It seems that I am always running to Target to buy hangers but can never find them. Maybe they are with the missing socks? Yes, I have that problem, too.

After that, I worked on the rough first draft of the next Antique Hunters story, currently title Picked for Murder. I made it through the whole story, fixing the typos and adding subtle nuances. Now I feel as if I have a solid first draft and can start reading it fresh with critical eyes before I send it to my readers. My dear friends who were the inspiration for the first story read it for me and offer advice. It is nice to have feedback. Following their comments, I will make any changes and send it to my publisher.

It was amazing how fast the time flew by today. I started on page 140 at lunchtime and finished at 3 pm with page 180. It felt like an accomplishment. I only stopped a few times to find the charger for my laptop and to let the dog out.

And, then I had the best part of my Saturday at home — my afternoon nap. I enjoy taking a 30 to 40 minute nap in the late afternoon on the weekends. A luxury I don’t have time for during the week when I am busy with work demands.


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