Nobody’s Perfect But Seriously. . .

Those of you who know me will not be surprised that I receive my morning news from I rely on it for my entertainment news. And, while I recognize that we all make mistakes in editing. The first article I looked at this morning, an update on Downton Abbey, was full of typos that it made it hard to focus on the content.

In the first sentence, the author spelled poignant, poignent. Refrigerator was spelled refridgerator. The author spelled Joanne Froggatt’s name correct on first reference but on second reference spelled it Froggett. And, most noticeably, cigarettes were spelled ciggerettes. I’m not sure if the editor was asleep or if the story was deemed so high a priority that it wasn’t edited.

As if that wasn’t enough to start my morning, I went to the Chicago Tribune’s website for my local news. There was a typo in one of the side headlines. That since has been taken down as the story has been updated.

I realize that it is not always possible to catch every typo or mistake but you can run spell check. A lesson that I learned very early on in my journalism career. It is easy to see when a word needs to be corrected, even in this blog a red line appears under misspelled words. It galls me to this day when I find typos. In fact, I am updating Murder by the Spoonful to correct three typos that were not caught in editing and were brought to my attention by readers. As I said, nobody’s perfect.


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