The Best Laid Plans. . .

This summer, my husband and I planned our vacation carefully. We researched destinations, hotels, restaurants, even shopping locations. The trip was partly vacation and partly research for the next book in the Antique Hunters Mystery series. We traveled from Chicago to Cumberland Falls, Kentucky, to Hickory, North Carolina, to Nashville to Indianapolis and finally home. It was even better than I could have imagined.

So, I understood my 20-year-old stepson’s idea of traveling to New York with his friends. I myself have never been to New York unless you count the five minutes we stopped there when I was about five. I don’t like being in overcrowded cities. What I didn’t understand was his lack of planning. My husband volunteered his services but in typical young adult fashion he said, “We got this, dad.”

He took off late Sunday afternoon with his three friends. They drove in his car. I was concerned as he had only saved about $300 from his part-time job., and I know how expensive everything in the city can be.

Leaving for New York. . .
Leaving for New York. . .

My husband had recommended and offered to pay for the hotel that they should stop halfway between Chicago and New York. They said, “no, we’re good.” Of course, we were not surprised when seven hours into the trip, we received the phone call saying, “Can we use your emergency credit card to book a hotel room?” We said, “go ahead, but you have to pay us back.”

Second phone, day 2, “dad, our hostel in New York is condemned but we can stay there or can you find us a hotel?” My husband spent four hours on the phone because New York City hotels are booked because of America’s Got Talent, most likely. He convinced the manager at the Hilton to save his knucklehead college kids and giving them the last room.

Phone call three. Suddenly, the trip for four turns into five. The hotel only has room for four. I won’t mention which Hilton because the awesome manager said “What she doesn’t see won’t hurt anyone” and sent up extra blankets.

We are still waiting for phone call 4 or at least some pictures from this trip. Except we don’t get phone calls until he needs something. I hope he as much fun on his vacation as I did on mine.


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