Getting Back in the Groove

A year and a half ago, I switched to a low carb diet. I’ve been overweight for the past 15 years, ever since I turned 35. It seems like my metabolism just shut down. I went from a size 8-10 to a size 16-18. It seemed overnight.

After trying everything, including Weight Watchers, extreme exercising and low calorie diets, it seemed that nothing worked. I would lose a pound and then my weight loss would just flatline. With a family history of diabetes and a father who died from pancreatic cancer, my numbers started to climb. My A1C was high, my fasting glucose was high and my cholesterol was high. I was heading in the same direction.

My doctor recommended that I see her nutritionist. I went and she put me on a low carb diet. She told me that I would lose maybe a pound or two a week. I saw results almost immediately. I lost three pounds in a week. By the end of a five months, I had lost 20 pounds. I lost another 10 pounds. And, then my weight loss stalled.

In October, I started a new job and the first month I made three trips. Traveling makes it hard to maintain a low carb diet especially when you’re stuck in airports. Then the holidays came. I would eat low carb during the week and then binge on the weekend, eating all my favorite things.

At this point, I was simply grateful that I didn’t gain any weight. It seemed that it was hard for me to get back on track. And, then we went on vacation. My husband and I ate everything we wanted during our 10-day long road trip. When I came back, I had gained 10 pounds back, and it showed. That was in late June and since then I have managed to lose 5 pounds of that 10. I have struggled with staying low carb especially in situations where I am surrounded by sweets, bread and potatoes.

In writing this post, I am hoping I can get back in the groove and on the low carb bandwagon.


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