Handling Change or Avoiding it?

I know change can be difficult for many of us. I’ve experienced more than my share of change this year. In October, I switched jobs which included launching a new website, hiring and training a new office staff. That was just professionally and a lot to handle on its own but compounded as there is more to me than work.

It didn’t include the personal change in my life. I published my first cozy mystery novel, Murder by the Spoonful. Over the summer, I worked on the second book in the series, Pickin’ Murder. Now I am working on the first in a new series, Neighborhood Watch. That is the fun part of change for me — creating and writing the stories. I have so many ideas but am only limited by time.

And, in March, we lost our cat. He had an incurable disease at 18 months old so we had no choice. After a few weeks, we missed having a cat (except our dog — you can read his feelings about cats in a previous post). We went to the shelter to adopt. Many local shelters wouldn’t adopt just one kitten so we ended up with two. I’m glad we did.

Pixel, a little orange guy, and his sister, Terra, a gray tabby, are a lot of fun. They play constantly and sleep together. He is lost without her and cries if he can’t find her.

Pixel with his paw around Terra.
Pixel with his paw around Terra.

The kittens have adapted well to our house, even enjoying sneaking up on Bandit, our Australian shepherd. Pixel especially is very curious and greets visitors in the same way Bandit does. Terra runs upstairs the minute the doorbell rings and doesn’t come back downstairs. So, I was surprised this week when Pixel didn’t adapt to the newest addition in our house.

Tony, my stepson, brought home a scratching post with a dangling feather and bell for them. He placed it in the living room. Pixel took off the minute he saw it and refused to come back downstairs. Terra played with it. After a day Pixel would come down but the minute he saw it again he took off. I finally moved it out to the garage and he played in the living room last night.

I was shocked. I never expected one of my cats to have a problem with change and especially the addition of a new toy.

How do you handle change?


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