The Perils of Errands

I spent the morning running errands, looking forward to my last errand. A last stop at one of my favorite antique stores, Affordable Antiques in Naperville. The staff has been so supportive of my work and have offered to stock books that I needed to drop more off. Of course, that included leaving some time for browsing.

Vintage coral and pearl necklace
Vintage coral and pearl necklace

I have a jewelry obsession and find jewelry everywhere from estate sales to antique stores to eBay. Affordable Antiques, and one booth in particular,  never fails to hold something to capture my interest. Today was no exception. It doesn’t matter that I am trying to stop shopping so much and start saving money. I still had to look. And, I found that the dealer had just rearranged the case since I was there last. I ended up falling in love with a sweet vintage Italian 14K coral and pearl necklace.

It didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted to add it to my collection. No matter that I already have an overflowing jewelry cabinet and a second one started, and that it was slightly over my budget. It felt right to me.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I then caught a Victorian opal and gold pendant out of the corner of my eye. It was tucked into a corner and hardly visible. I picked it up and knew. I knew that I wanted it and that I couldn’t wait to wear it. I also knew that both pieces were really over my budget. What to do?

Victorian opal pendant
Victorian opal pendant

Of course, Jackie, the kind manager at Affordable Antiques offered to call the dealer to negotiate a better deal. The dealer was very kind and negotiated a great price. I ended up with both pieces for almost the cost of the one and can’t wait to wear them both.

I did feel extravagant buying both and decided  that I really need to stop shopping now. For me, running errands if very similar to the perils that my heroines, CC and Anne, encounter in the Antique Hunters Mystery series. It is too much temptation. I have vowed to stay out of the store until their November 15 open house when I will be there signing books, not shopping.


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