Starting with a Stone

A green stone. I love colored stones so much that I have often thought about getting my gemology certificate. Not to actually appraise or work as a jeweler or gemologist, but more to collect stones. I have an insatiable need to collect stones.They fill garden pots in my backyard, the tiny butterfly pot we made in the front yard and the 1920s era gilded brass flower pot that is in my bookcase.

Luckily my husband indulges me. We have traveled to Hiddenite, North Carolina, to search for the elusive hiddenite. Did not find one but did find a one carat emerald, a ten carat citrine and many smaller stones. This past summer we stopped in Hickory, North Carolina, to look for rubies. My husband found a large ruby, which I shared in an earlier post. I found an ametrine, lots of smoky quartz and a suitcase full of uncut garnets.

My stone obsession changes from time to time. I see a stone that sparks my interest like an opal from Mozambique to the rare morganite to green tourmaline. Last week I won an auction on ebay for a 1.25 carat green tourmaline stone set in a white gold pendant from England. It arrived on Wednesday, and I haven’t taken it off since.

tourmalineWhen considering ideas for a new cozy mystery series, the first thought that crossed my mind was gemologist. It gives me a perfect opportunity to research one of my favorite subjects — stones and to write about them. I spent considerable time on Thursday with the jeweler at my local jewelry store doing “research.” Of course, I might have shopped a little at the same time.

Next week when I have to go to San Diego for week, I plan to take a side trip to Carlsbad to visit the Gemology Institute’s museum and office. Maybe I will sign up for their colored stone class after all.


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