Cutting Through Red Tape

I’ve realized what is really wrong with the government in this country. No, it is not the constant politicing (though I have to admit I am tired of it and have stopped watching or reading any of campaigning). The bureaucracy of our government, both federal and state, is the real problem.

I experienced this first hand last Friday afternoon. My husband and I were returning to our quiet dead-end street after a trip to the grocery store. We noticed something in the street just a few doors down from our house. Pulling up near it, we saw that it was a young fawn. She was curled up, injured, her front legs immobile. She struggled to get up. We could not bear to watch and called 9-1-1.

A short while later our local police officer arrived. He informed us there was nothing he could do as the deer is protected by federal law. He said they had received numerous calls over the past three days as the deer had wound up in a neighbor’s yard. My husband stayed out to talk to the police officer.

I went into the house and called the DuPage County Forest Preserve, our neighborhood is bordered by their woods on three sides. They also said that there was nothing they could do as the deer was not currently in their woods. I called an area nature preserve which rehabilitates hurt wildlife. They said there was nothing they could as they were in a different county. I called the DuPage Sheriff’s Office, and they said it was our local municipality’s jurisdiction and there was nothing they could do.

While I made all these calls, my husband and the local police office watched as the poor fawn continuously struggled to get up on two broken front limbs. There was no hope for her.

Finally I called the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. They told me they had received several calls and were dispatching an officer to assess the situation. In the meantime, the police officer took matters into his own hands. The deer was quickly removed.

This took over an hour of our day and numerous unnecessary phone calls. And, the real issue is no one was willing to take responsibility, not the local police, not the sheriff’s office and not the forest preserve. It is a continuing statement of our government today and how it continuously blames other departments and fails to take action. The real victims are the taxpayers.


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