Mission Accomplished


I haven’t written in a while due to an increasingly busy schedule but I feel I owe an explanation. For those of you who didn’t read the previous post, I spent the month of November writing a 50,000 word novel as part of the National Novel Writing Month challenge. I accomplished the task on the very last day, November 30. I felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment at setting a goal and sticking with it.

I am also very proud of this accomplishment as I managed it in between my birthday, Thanksgiving and my full-time job. It did mean giving up some of my usual endeavors, weekend shopping trips.

This new cozy mystery details the adventures of a new heroine, Alexandra, a tough, young gem hunter. Alexandra travels the world searching for rare stones. On her travels, she encounters mystery and adventure. More to come. I am still editing the first draft. All I can reveal now is that her story involves a rare alexandrite and imperial Russia.

A few research tools. . .

This story features one of my favorite subjects, gemstones. Since I was little, I have always loved rocks and gems. I love the feel of them in my hand. I enjoy gemstone jewelry particularly colored stones. My engagement ring is a pigeon blood ruby designed by a jeweler friend of mine. I can spend hours starting at my ring, admiring the sparkle in the light. It never gets old.

My beautiful pigeon blood ruby engagement ring

I am excited about heading into the holiday season with an almost-finished new mystery. And, I have begun working on book three in the Antique Hunters Mystery series. Anne and CC are proving that they are perfectly capable of directing their own story. I just type.