Musings on Spring

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written. I’ve been swamped with day-to-day work stuff and writing the third book in the Antique Hunters series, Killer Finds. I’m very excited about Anne and CC’s continuing adventures and am already two-thirds into book four. If you haven’t seen the video trailer that my husband created, please check it out on Facebook.

.Killer_Finds_mockup_cover (2)

Writing these books has been such a joy for me. I relish in developing the characters and making their world and situation come alive. It is the same with my yard. When my husband and I moved into our house, we ripped out about 15 evergreens and several barberry. We replaced them with a Chanticleer pear tree, several Korean dwarf lilacs and one now huge oak leaf hydrangea. I bought that hydrangea for $5 at an end-of-season sale. It was scrawny and appeared near death. I tended to it and now it stands over three to four feet tall and spans as wide.

And, then there is a our weeping showers cherry tree. The first year we planted it, it bloomed a gorgeous pink. Then last year it was drooping, branches were dying, and it barely bloomed. I rushed to the nursery and learned that it was being invaded by bores. We applied solution but it still looked sickly. My husband wanted to rip it out. We decided to give it a year and this spring it came back in glorious color.


I’m glad we waited. On Sunday when it was around 80 here, I saw my first hummingbird of the season flitting around its branches and I saw a beautiful orange and black butterfly. Sights like this make surviving winter and waiting of spring worth it.

What’s your favorite part about spring? What do you look forward to?



One thought on “Musings on Spring

  1. Well, I’m only a month behind reading this but I really liked the answer of giving your tree one more year. We did that too with a Rose of Sharon tree and it came back fabulously. Now, unfortunately it is not doing too well. Maybe I should just wait one more year. Now, I sound just like a Cubbies fan!!


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