My book addiction

All right, I admit I have an addiction. I cannot stop buying books. And even though I have a Kindle fire, and the kindle app on my iPad and iPhone, I still buy paper books. Maybe it’s because I stare at computer screens all day that I can’t bring myself to read onscreen. I do have a number of books piled up on my Kindle. I read those while waiting for the doctor or other appointments.

So, this week, I made two trips to Target and both times ended up buying books. I had a hard time narrowing my choice down to two. For me, Target usually has a good selection of fiction, and it’s very close to my house so I find myself there frequently.  I enjoy contemporary romance at times and suspense and historical fiction. I bought and finished America’s First Daughter about Patsy Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson’s only surviving child who served as hostess when he was president. Then I bought Beach Town by Mary Kay Andrews, a light summer read about a location scout for a big Hollywood scout. On my second trip to Target, I bought a suspense novel which is now sitting on my nightstand. It might be next on my list.

Then on a trip to the grocery store, I stopped at Kohl’s which happens to be adjacent to Barnes & Noble. I ended up with Titans, a novel about Commodore Vanderbilt, and the Romanovs, a new book detailing the entire Russian Imperial family from their origins in 1613. I can write those both off as research for upcoming books. My character, Alex Kustodia in Gem Hunter, is Russian and in search of the lost Romanov fortune. My main characters in the Antique Hunters Mystery series find themselves embroiled in a mystery surrounding the Vanderbilt fortune in their next adventure.


On a visit with my nutritionist, she recommended two books which, of course, ended up in my Amazon cart and are now sitting on my bookshelf. One is on stress free living and the other is on mindful eating. Both sound intriguing. My Amazon cart also contained a book on Murder in Long Island so that is now sitting here. To top it off, one of my friends mentioned she is reading a book about a slave plantation on Long Island so that is now on  my nightstand.

The worst part is that since we brought the puppy home I find that I have very little time to read. My 11-week-old Australian shepherd puppy requires constant supervision and leaves me little free time to do my own exercise much less read.

What are your addictions? Or better yet, what are you reading? There’s always room on my bookshelf for more.





One thought on “My book addiction

  1. Hi Vucki- I love your books. I live In Saint Charles and would love to go to one of your book signings. Any chance something in this area? The books I am reading now are anything by Karen White, Mary Kay Andrews, Kristi Abbott, Annie Hansen, Jenn Mckinley. I am also a collector of vintage jewelry- Juliana is my favorite. My last book signing was Lisa See at Anderson’s in Naperville. Can not wait to read your newest book, just ordered. Thank you- keep them coming.


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