Bits and Baubles, Oh My

I spent yesterday jewelry shopping with an old friend, a most pleasant way to spend the holiday weekend. She took me to the near northwest side to a small store labeled, “Antiques and Resale.” I was skeptical at first but am glad I did not judge the interior by its exterior. This shop is an antique jewelry lover’s dream. It brims and brims with vintage and antique jewelry, all sorted by color. Why had I not been to this store before?

Necklaces drape over shelves, earrings rest on cushions and bracelets abound. The back of the store features vintage clothing, scarves and hats.

While fine estate jewelry is locked in cases but the staff is very willing to open cases and let you try on anything. We tried on amethyst rings, cameo necklaces, pearl chokers, black beaded fringe necklaces, turquoise bracelets. It was almost an overwhelming display of jewelry riches. I could not restrain myself.

Of course, I ended up with a few things, including three pairs of earrings, a delicate pair with seed pearls and this striking dangly silver pair that will look perfect with a black turtleneck and a pair of jeans.

I also left with one pendant, a stunning Art Nouveau piece that struck me and I could not put it back. The woman behind the counter even fixed it for me, so it hung a little longer and the clasp opens on the right, not the left. She also added a stone where one was missing. I was truly impressed by their customer service and attention to detail.IMG_0930

We found this lovely pearl choker with crystal accents for Audrey’s daughter, Stephanie. It looks gorgeous on her. IMG_1393

I cannot wait to take another trip and go back as their website claims the inventory changes daily. Who knows maybe Anne and CC will find a clue to a Spoon Sisters mystery here? Or maybe Alexandra, the Gem Hunter, will stop in for a rare treasure?

It was great to spend the day with a friend and take a break from writing. I am almost done with the first draft of the Antique Hunters Book 5 and hope to have it out in early October. Then I will be moving on to the second book in the Witch Cat Mystery series.

What is your favorite antique store or your favorite piece of jewelry? Please share in the comments below.


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