Heading Home

Amidst threats of flash flood warnings, we left Nashville and the wonderful staff at the Hermitage Hotel early Friday morning. I will miss the exceptional customer service of the Hermitage which I think has spoiled me for any other hotel stay. The staff is truly the most accommodating staff of any place I have ever stayed. And the hotel itself is beautiful.

Rather than driving the 7 plus hours straight through, we decided to break up our trip and extend our vacation one more night. We headed for Indianapolis. Luckily the rain held off, only pelting us briefly near Bowling Green, Kentucky. 

We arrived in Indianapolis in the early afternoon and stopped at the Mid City Antiques Market. An eclectic huge antique mall in an old factory. It advertised itself as being voted one of the “Midwest’s best” so of course we had to stop. While they did have a great collection of antique and vintage items, including cowhide rugs, furniture, copper kettles, the staff was few and far between.  

When I asked to look at a lapis lazuli necklace, the girl removed it from the cabinet and said, “Do you want to buy it?” I repllied I would like to try it on so I know if I like it. I did and didn’t like the way it lay so opted not to buy it. At this point, I was tempted not to buy anything but we bought the brass Viking bookends I found. 

Brian and I then headed to downtown Indianapolis for an early dinner at St. Elmo’s Steakhouse. Over the years, Brian has heard Steve Dahl say this restaurant has the best steak in the Miidwest so he had to try it.  

The staff at St. Elmo’s made up for the staff at the antique market. I had lobster bisque.  

  And followed that with their petite filet and baked potato. The first potato I’ve had in months. For those who know me, I will be returning to my low carb diet on Sunday when I am back home. 
 Brian had their chopped steak with blue cheese and grilled onions.

  It liived up to its reputation. The steak was tender and the potato was excellent. I could not finish my meal. We then headed the few blocks to our hotel, the Omni, a beautiful restored building built in 1910. The lobby was magnificent.  
We have had a most excellent vacation filled with adventures. It has been our first one in probably ten years so it was well deserved. While I can say I am sad for it to be over, I am excited to head home and see the dog and kittens. 

Happy Fourth of July everyone and safe travels! 


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